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PhD researcher, Kali DuBois, blows the whistle on gender benders. We're born into traps and stiff social constructs, repressive binaries, and oppressive normatively. Experience the fastest natural gender change system "The Metamorphosis Method" exclusively designed for you.

"an itch that can be scratched!”

My name is Kali DuBois and I’m known as the "Sissy's Advocate." Over the past 17 years I’ve helped literally hundreds of people get into the sissy lifestyle by helping them overcome their biggest problem – getting a sexual partner interested. Let me ask you this. Have you dreamt of how your life would be if you were a female? Watching your wife being pleasured by another man (or men), multiple men (women) pleasuring you at the same time, attending free-for-all gender bending orgies. You’d like to be a sissy yet mention it to your wife and you hear those dreaded words, “I’m sorry, I’m just not interested.”

A Whole New outLook

"Why Can't I Be More Feminine?!?!" I screamed inside of myself. Stop spending money on make up, clothes and hormones until you read this.


How to ‘trigger’ your partner into an emotional state where they will want to share – and ACT OUT – sissy sexual fantasies with you


The attention you're going to receive from men and women alike - who are magnetized by your blissful, serene goddess-like beauty. They CAN'T turn away! You're THAT naturally gorgeous.


Looking almost instantly feminine... and shattering your own limiting beliefs about your sexuality and gender - as your sensuality begin effortlessly to increase each day.

Can You Imagine What It's like to be you?

What To Expect

"For many people, overhauling a personal image can be an emotional experience; to get from Before to After requires navigating a minefield of preconceptions about gender that are likely false. Kali leads her clients through this experience with a sense of humor and - when needed - a blunt dose of truth. Working with Kali has more than returned the investment; I would recommend her to anyone who believes that their image doesn't match what they want to say to the world (and also to anyone who just wants a "spirit guide" during their inner girl experiences!)."
"Amy" Also Identifies As "Andrew"
Have you ever fantasized what it’s like to be female in the sexual act?

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And in my book, “Peter Piper Pussy Eater” I’ll show you a breakthrough self-hypnosis process that literally rewires your partner’s belief system (and your belief system) about sex, sissy lifestyle and sexual fantasies…All you have to do is just read it. And all hypnosis techniques are done to your wife (or lover) while they're asleep. So they never know what you're up to and they think it's all their own idea.

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