Sex is not only the basis of life, it is the reason for life.

What got you into this Kali DuBois?

My Sissy's Closet Found-Her

We're taking the derogatory noun of “effeminate boy and coward,” and changing the noun to “I exist. I am normal. I am healthy."

Give me just five minutes of your time and I will show you how simple and easy it is to get yourself into a sissy lifestyle.

My name is Kali DuBois, a professor of Sexuality in San Francisco. I have been studying gender, sexuality and psychology for 17 years.

Over the last several years I have helped literally thousands of men achieve a more sensual look, a more feminine look, and a relationship by sharing with them powerful techniques.

 Before I share with you all these powerful techniques let me tell you how I realized how to help so many people achieve their deepest fantasies.

This way you can better understand who you are and why you’re here. So you too, can enjoy long lasting feminization without having to be degraded or humiliated for your desires. Like I was.

For years I kept my desire to help sissies a closely guarded secret. I would enter into relationships and have secret fantasies. I never had the courage to bring up the topic of a sissy lifestyle to these men. I was too scared of what they would think or say about my desires. As my sissy desires grew stronger with each passing relationship I decided it was time to do something about it. I researched the topic extensively and I was shocked by what I learned.

I learnt that…

Realizing that so many men also shared the same fantasies relaxed me a great deal. I was determined to realize my sissy desires and give them a voice. However at that time I was with a guy I really cared about. I wanted my man to be a sissy but I didn’t want to end up losing him. I decided that I had to figure out a way that would get him to be a sissy for me but at the same time keep him emotionally faithful and loyal only to me. 

I had always been fascinated by dating techniques and psychology. It suddenly hit me that if it was possible to get a man to willingly to explore their feminine side then it should also be possible to get a man to willingly own and embrace both functions of gender without shame, without guilt and all other fears society installs.

Welcome to the only one stop shop that doesn’t install humiliation for one to really experience the “sissy” in you. We’re here to guide you.

We open the door to anyone who wants to fully explore their gender in ways that are fun, exciting and healthy.

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