Introducing the Fastest Natural Gender Switch System: THE Metamorphosis Method


“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” — Richard Bach

The story of how the caterpillar transforms into the butterfly has long been used as a metaphor for the process of transforming states of consciousness from one dimension to another, from knowing something on the surface, then undergoing a deep experience that leads to a whole new capacity and perception.

Biological processes are often very helpful in giving a model for what describes our inner experience. But the caterpillar/butterfly is an insect. We have been led to believe our human bodies cannot transform in this way, so it is important to recognize where this story applies in this advanced program, and where it doesn’t.

It is necessary for all of our physical and civic structures to melt down totally into mush for us to make a profound change? Yes. Even if you don’t believe it.

What you’re about to experience best is a felt sense of how your psyches changes, from there the physical body and allowing your consciousness to grow.

It can feel like one’s beliefs and understanding are going along just fine, even optimally, and then suddenly they just stop working.

Especially around gender, sexuality and partaking in explorations that allow you higher sexual thresholds.

One can’t “eat” any more of the same old ways of sexual thinking.

People often withdraw at this time and feel like they are dissolving—not physically, but in their dreams, ambitions, and ideas that no longer hold meaning. There may be a long period of confusion and disorientation on the inside, even if it is not showing on the outside.

What takes a caterpillar a few weeks can often take a human a few years unless they know specifically the shortcuts. Welcome to the “Metamorphosis Method™.”

The “Metamorphosis Method™” will help you:

  •   Create a vision that aligns your conscious and subconscious. Become aware of the most meaningful actions that will support your sexual relationships, your gender bending, your sense of self.

  •  How to overcome your old conditioning and become confident with your sexuality. Use this one process to remove self-sabotage, imposter syndrome, lack of self-belief, fear of failure or action preventing sexual anxiety in your relationships.

  •  Update your self-perception so you experience the freedom of automatically thinking, feeling and behaving in ways that drive your sissy to come forth.

  •  Experience deep sexual reprogramming, watch yourself change physically, sensually and fully metamorph into the feminine divine.

  •  Natural bio-identical hormones help with enhancing the body to a more feminine look, including the ability to feel orgasm differently than the typical ho-hum male. 


What others say,

“We think her training will do a lot for the sexual relationship of all couples, whether you really want to be a sissy or not.

After 21 years of marriage our sex life had drifted into a routine that was, to put it bluntly, downright boring. Your work has given us a new lease on our sex life. We had our first couple-sissy experience the other day and it was awesome! The way she got into it, I couldn’t believe that she was open.”

Jessica P., – Los Angeles, CA

“Kali DuBois has a good grasp on why sissys and conversely dispels the notion that real sissys are perverts uninterested in their current partner, or out to hurt one another. She teaches you how to discuss the plausibility of being sissy with your partner. Whether your partner is male or female, the suggested thought process will help you broach the subject, which can be difficult for some.”

Kyle S., – Boston, MA

Admissions For The Metamorphosis METHOD

Make Personal Transformation Precise and Predictable! Go from unsure how to change to radical physical and emotional transformation!

We’ll help you take the guesswork out of developing the body you desire and to create the deepest types of change in your sex life as a sissy. With our frameworks for self alignment, hypnosis and proper natural approach to bio-identical hormones you can confidently create permanent change without spending a fortune on make up, therapy and toys. 

It is important to note upfront that our admissions process is quite competitive. Note: We’re PhD researchers who have worked heavily with San Francisco’s Trans Community for 17 years, not medical doctors, please consult your physician before taking any suggested bio-identical hormones in this program. 

Our clinic is located in West Hollywood (Los Angeles, CA) as of January 2022. We take private clients remotely and in person at the West Hollywood clinic.

Please fill out the form below to apply. We will be in contact with you shortly in a discrete and professional manner.

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