Awaken In-Her Orgasm (Orgasm Like A Woman)



With the use of hypnosis, you can experience ultimate climax and intense pleasure! The body of a woman is vastly different from that of a guy. While men appear to climax with ease, many women find orgasm difficult to attain — especially during intercourse.

It can be a frustrating sensation to be so near to the ultimate happiness — climax – but still be so far away. While it may appear unfair that men can achieve orgasm so readily, women possess a far bigger talent.

Orgasm is not merely a one-time event for the female body; it can continue much longer and occur far more frequently than it does for most males. So, why do so many women suffer from the disappointment of failed attempts or a less than ideal relationship?

The solution is not straightforward, and no single solution can truly address all of the alternatives. Women are fascinatingly complex beings. For women, achieving sexual satisfaction and orgasm is more of a holistic mind and body experience than merely stimulating one area. It helps to have a deeper awareness of your mental, physical, and emotional self in order to reach the ultimate orgasm.

Hypnosis has long been used to assist people strengthen their mind-body connection. Its success in assisting people in changing their minds and feelings is undeniable. You can uncover what is preventing you from experiencing ultimate ecstasy with the use of hypnosis. Whether you’re having trouble because of a lack of confidence, insecurity, or inexperience, or you just want to improve your current sex enjoyment, hypnosis can assist.


What it would be like if you could: After each sexual session, you’ll be perfectly satisfied… Discovering new levels of physical pleasure as you bend genders. Every time you climax, you’ll experience the ultimate orgasm!

To achieve the ultimate orgasm, a woman must find what truly pleases her emotionally. You will learn how to tap into your emotions so the sexual journey is spiritual. Her mind must be in a place where she feels safe enough to let go of her inhibitions and experience wild abandon. Hypnosis allows you to relax deeply into a state of total openness. In hypnosis you can be honest with yourself and improve your mind-body connection as you switch from male-to-female.


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