"The term sissy have change my life in a lot of way can't even imagine teach me how to accept myself for who I am and what I've become."
"I can certainly identify with the term sissy. For most of my life I have had that or similar tags. Sensitive, effeminate. Especially when I was younger - I think that women saw me as sensitive and friend - but not someone they wanted. I was generally not into guy stuff - in terms of fighting or contact sports. I did play sports for sure, but whenever it was more competitive or rough I generally felt it was ridiculous. Junior and Senior years of High School is did competitive cycling. Although in reality, this is a very brutal sport - I and my teammates were given a hard time. Definitely, sissy to ride a bike and where "tights" It did at times create a challenge in my mind about attracting women, but at the same time, I saw that in the end, I was thankful for the term. I do not think of it as a weakness or a bad thing. It means I have a sensitivity that has helped me in my work and how I enjoy life. And it has helped me open to my sexuality in a broader way."
I consider myself as a Sissy for 3 main reasons  I never ever been able to really provide any orgasm to women and neither been good at using the pathetic thing between my legs. I wear chastity cage most of the time, no matter day or night, I consider I have no choice because I no longer have the right too wish be viewed as a male since I definitely fucked up at satisfying women sexually. When back home i directly take off all male stuff and get back into the one I should be full time, so I get dressed as a woman and I think I never will thank her enough for how much supportive and understanding she is with me.  It took years before I finally admitted I will never succeed to give sexual pleasure to women and I radically stop pretending being a man, nowadays I feel so much pride to write you those words. I really hope our society taboos will stop so I could be dressed as a woman 24/7. I feel only good when dressed as a woman and sexy.
"Yes darling, I do. I am Agatha Amy Tabitha Hergest, The Majickian, friend on both Fetlife and Facebook, and I am a sissy.  More than that, actually, I've gone full hardcore - they say never go full hardcore, but I'll take them seriously when I know who they are - in that I've contacted my doctor with a view to hormonal treatment and the like, and as You see, I've changed my name to reflect my gender.  Moreover, I am now bisexual, whereas before I wouldn't have countenanced sex with a man.  I'm not fully bisexual, in that I far prefer the wiles of women, so much I want to be one as it goes, but now I am quite looking forward to deep-throating my first cock and having someone sink the pink in the bottom pocket.  Funny thing is, I've long held a fascination with the slut-buttons hiding in the nethers, but thought to only explore them with root vegetables and a kindly, sausage-wielding Dominatrix.  Now I am female, I am getting hit on by all quarters - it's quite overwhelming! Additionally, I am now beginning to see how things stand with trans people, in terms of pronoun usage.  That said, I'm not a pronoun-queen, and whenever someone misgenders me, other than when they are doing so deliberately to antagonise, having once or thrice been politely told the lay of the land, I put it down to my own not being convincing enough in terms of dress and or demeanour.  That said, with my size and shape, full lips, long hair and handbag, I reckon it's touch and go with a lot of people.  The other thing I feel is a certain amount of liberation.  Men are often restricted in what they are able to wear and how much of themselves they can show before it becomes indecent.  I suppose at my age it's much the same, because it seems to me the practice of showing oneself off is as much a consequence of pulchritude and the necessity to procreate as it is a desire to randomly exhibit.  Of course, given that I'm also an artists' model, often posing nude, exhibitionism is part of my character and, obviously, doing it without scaring the cavalry is always to be desired.  It can also be seen in my increased tendency to call everyone darling, which would have been considered creepy. as a man but, as a woman, can have a reasonable defence mounted in its favour. Finally, it's the change.  No, I don't think so much menopausal, male or otherwise, but rather the enormity of the change I'm undertaking, and the slow realisation of it, like the sands of time trickling through an hourglass.  Of course, seismic events such as this usually come in threes and, well, there have been a few things I've had to contend with at the time when I pinpoint the deviation from the status quo, roughly the 20th June this year (yes, I'm that new).  Firstly, I was evicted from my property, losing much of my goods and also my cat, who I still miss and, conversely, fancy is with me still as I sleep or work on my computer, as now.  Secondly, I was stuck in Spain for the duration covering my expulsion: I went there on the 15th to help oversee a film I'm involved with, and was due to go back home the next morning.  However, problems with paperwork meant that I didn't get back til the 20th, and much of that was exacerbated by extreme exhaustion, as Madrid airport was essentially my hotel and I slept fitfully wherever I could.  Thirdly, I stopped smoking.  Obviously I didn't take my pipe with me to Spain because I didn't think I was going to be there that long, and there was too much to do to relax and enjoy a smoke anyway.  I didn't buy any further paraphernalia, and my friends were exhorting me to give it up anyway, so I just left everything behind.  So the decision to become a sissy, You could say, is something of a reaction, a coping mechanism, an unforeseen consequence of the tsunami of change that swept across the bows of my life."

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"I've always been a submissive male, And my submissive side increasingly identifies with being a young girl. She is frustratingly trapped inside a male adult body And my thirst to be dominated at times seems to be a cry for help for a strong paternal or maternal dominant to break down my mail ego an adult mind and free the young lady."
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